Karyn Ellis, M.A., L.M.H.C.

Anxiety: when should you seek a counselor's help

Do you ever get overwhelmed by ordinary things? Do you find these thoughts easily turn to panic or anxiety? You worry about them until you can’t think of anything else… Did I remember to pay the rent? Did I pay it on time? How much did I put into the parking meter? Did it expire? Will I get there in time to put more money in? Some thoughts can take over our lives and sometimes the simplest thoughts keep you up at night.

Anxiety can make you feel trapped. Anxiety is draining with thoughts that overwhelm you. Other times anxiety makes you clammy, racing heart beat and light-headed. Anxiety can even feel like a heart attack. Anxiety is a bully that can throw you in a corner and can make you afraid to leave our world of comfort.

If you are a constant worrier or often get overwhelmed, look over this checklist and see what applies to you.

Do you have:

You should consider counseling if:

How Counseling Will Help

Counseling can help you overcome your anxiety and find other ways of processing your environment. We will explore relaxation tools for you to find peace and focus. We will discuss your irrational thoughts and attitudes that might contribute to your anxiety. Together we can find balance and coping skills to handle life’s uncertainty.