Karyn Ellis, M.A., L.M.H.C.

How Fighting Effects your Children

Adults fight. It's a given. Disagreements are normal and healthy but it is how you disagree and argue that matters. Just like I tell my kiddos on session, being angry is fine. In fact anger is a good emotion, it is what you do with the anger that matters. That statement is especially true if you have kids. Fighting does affect your kids. If you believe:

The effects of fighting on your family

Your family creates the sense of stability your child needs to feel safe, happy and secure. If they know mom and dad are fighting, they sense tension, or if you bring them into the argument, you are stripping them of their feeling of stability and security. The lack of security they feel at home can translate into depression, anger, and/or problems at school. Even though you may be trying to do your best to not yell or fight in front of them, if you feel tension between you and your spouse I promise you your children feels it too.

When you do fight make sure you

How to Disagree

Disagreements and arguments are unavoidable but you can keep them safe and productive. When you or your spouse loses their cool nothing can be resolved and you both end up feeling hurt and vulnerable.

Try to keep your fights clean and productive: