Karyn Ellis, M.A., L.M.H.C.

Discussion & Lectures

If you are a teacher, principal or parent wanting me to speak at your school, I am available to do free presentations on the following topics:

Adoption & Foster Care Children as a Special Population in the Classroom

Foster Care and Adoption kids are a special population. They act and respond differently in various situations and they may act out differently than other children their own age. They have lived through a different set of experiences that has reshaped the way the act, learn and relate to others.

ADD, ADHD & Similar Diagnoses

Explores ADD, ADHD and diagnoses that look like ADD or ADHD but aren't. Like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Reactive Attachment Disorder, Anxiety and more. Learn the commonalities and differences, how to tell them apart and what to do in the class room.

Difficult Kids

Examines difficult behaviors like: lack of motivation, depression and cutting, anger and bullying. This lecture will also look at how the behaviors started and how the help at home and in the classroom.

The Effects of Trauma on Children

Gives insights and training for Foster and Adoptive Families on how trauma effects children. This lecture looks at the different forms of abuse, brain development, behavior as well as tips and tools.